20 Best ETFs 6 Months

Which ETFs outperformed over the past six months (126 trading days)?

The following list answers that question.

A quick review of which type of funds are included the following list can help explain which ETFs have momentum.

The following list is limited to non-leveraged ETFs.

For a list of leveraged ETFs, simply scroll down to the second top 20 list on this page.

All tables are updated every trading day after the close. 

Best ETFs: Timeframes

Best ETFs 6 Months

SymbolETF NameOrientation
6m Chg
GAZiPath Natural Gas ETN1x41.5560.0%
UNGUnited States Natural Gas ETF1x27.5759.9%
JJEiPath Energy ETN1x65.0554.6%
UNLUnited States 12 Month Natural Gas ETF1x23.4952.1%
TANInvesco Solar ETF1x84.7738.0%
PBUGPacer iPath Gold Trendpilot ETN1x32.1334.6%
CNRGSPDR S&P Kensho Clean Power ETF1x95.8226.4%
RJNElements Rogers Int Commodity Energy ETN1x4.0825.2%
PFIXSimplify Interest Rate Hedge ETF1x51.2725.0%
ICLNiShares Global Clean Energy ETF1x22.4124.2%
ACESALPS Clean Energy ETF1x62.0723.1%
DBMFiMGP DBi Futures ETF1x31.3020.5%
DBEInvesco DB Energy ETF1x23.7720.1%
BNOUnited States Brent Oil ETF1x29.4919.9%
KMLMKFA Mount Lucas ETF1x33.6619.4%
CHIEGlobal X MSCI China Energy ETF1x14.2218.6%
UGAUnited States Gasoline ETF1x57.2918.3%
XOPSPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF1x129.0618.3%
QCLNFT Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy ETF1x63.8817.9%
BBPVirtus LifeSci Biotech Products ETF1x49.6117.8%
SPYBENCHMARK: SPDR S&P 500 ETF1x413.47-6.7%

Best ETFs 6 Months (Leveraged)

For comparison, the following tables lists the best performing leveraged ETFs over the past six months (126 trading days).

The following list includes all factors of leverage (e.g. 1.5x, 2x, 3x) as well as leveraged inverse ETFs (e.g. -2x and -3x).

SymbolETF NameOrientation
6m Chg
BOILProShares Natural Gas 2x ETF2x80.7877.3%
TTTProShares 20+ Yr Treasury -3x ETF-3x53.4653.0%
TMVDirexion 20+ Yr Treasury -3x ETF-3x94.2952.8%
EDZDirexion MSCI Emerg Mkt -3x ETF-3x13.6644.1%
BNKDREX US Big Banks -3x ETN-3x11.8137.9%
YCSProShares Yen -2x ETF-2x56.4936.7%
TBTProshares 20+ Yr Treasury -2x ETF-2x24.9935.7%
EEVProShares MSCI Emerg Mkt -2x ETF-2x22.5730.9%
EUOProShares Euro -2x ETF-2x32.2326.3%
FAZDirexion Financial -3x ETF-3x23.0125.5%
GUSHDirexion S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. 2x ETF2x140.5223.6%
EPVProShares FTSE Europe -2x ETF-2x14.4523.6%
EWVProShares MSCI Japan -2x ETF-2x17.6622.8%
EFUProShares MSCI EAFE -2x ETF-2x12.8120.5%
UTSLDirexion Utilities 3x ETF3x42.2720.4%
TYODirexion 7-10 Yr Treasury -3x ETF-3x10.8919.5%
SKFProShares Financials -2x ETF-2x19.5316.9%
UPWProShares Utilities 2x ETF2x78.3014.4%
DIGProShares Oil & Gas 2x ETF2x31.2614.1%
UCOProShares Crude Oil 2x ETF2x32.9813.8%
SPYBENCHMARK: SPDR S&P 500 ETF1x413.47-6.7%