20 Best ETFs 4 Days

Which ETFs outperformed over the past four trading days?

The following list answers that question.

A quick review of which type of funds are included the following list can help explain how a significant news event is impacting the market.

The following list is limited to non-leveraged ETFs.

For a list of leveraged ETFs, simply scroll down to the second top 20 list on this page.

Both tables below are updated every trading day after the close. 

Best ETFs: Timeframes

Best ETFs 4 Days

SymbolETF NameOrientation
4d Chg
DAPPVanEck Digital Transformation ETF1x4.359.6%
BITQBitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF1x5.448.2%
GOAUUS Global GO Gold & Precious Metal Miners ETF1x17.166.9%
NYCB-UNew York Community Capital V Bonuses Unit ETF1x38.356.6%
SGDMSprott Gold Miners ETF1x27.216.5%
RINGiShares MSCI Global Gold Miners ETF1x24.106.4%
SGDJSprott Jr Gold Miners ETF1x31.356.2%
GDXVanEck Gold Miners ETF1x31.116.1%
GDXJVanEck Jr Gold Miners ETF1x37.595.9%
VXZiPath S&P 500 VIX Mid- Futures ETN1x24.595.8%
NIBiPath Cocoa ETN1x30.335.7%
VIXMVIX Mid-Term Futures ETF1x28.785.4%
SLVPiShares MSCI Global Silver & Metals Miners ETF1x10.935.2%
GOEXGlobal X Gold Explorers ETF1x26.225.2%
SILGlobal X Silver Miners ETF1x29.214.3%
CHICGlobal X MSCI China Communication Services ETF1x16.014.1%
VIXYProShares VIX ST Futures ETF1x10.764.1%
SILJMG Prime Jr Silver Miners ETF1x10.553.8%
VXXiPath S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETN1x53.102.8%
KFVGKS CICC China 5G & Semiconductor ETF1x16.862.5%
SPYBENCHMARK: SPDR S&P 500 ETF1x393.74-0.2%

Best ETFs 4 Days (Leveraged)

For comparison, the following tables lists the best performing leveraged ETFs over the past 4 trading days.

The following list includes all factors of leverage (e.g. 1.5x, 2x, 3x) as well as leveraged inverse ETFs (e.g. -2x and -3x).

SymbolETF NameOrientation
4d Chg
KOLDProShares Natural Gas -2x ETF-2x66.7027.6%
GDXUREX Gold Miners 3x ETN3x46.7717.7%
JNUGDirexion Jr Gold Miners 2x ETF2x38.3511.3%
SILXMG Prime Jr Silver Miners 2x ETF2x2.456.1%
MTULETRACS MSCI US Momentum Factor 2x ETN2x14.21-1.4%
UPVProShares FTSE Europe 2x ETF2x48.70-3.9%
UYMProShares Basic Materials 2x ETF2x21.00-4.4%
DFENDirexion Aerospace & Defense 3x ETF3x19.36-5.1%
MIDUDirexion Mid-Cap 3x ETF3x33.29-5.1%
UMDDProShares Mid-Cap 400 3x ETF3x16.63-5.1%
DUSLDirexion Industrials 3x ETF3x30.43-5.3%
URTYProShares Russell 2000 3x ETF3x34.92-5.6%
TNADirexion Sm-Cap 3x ETF3x29.58-5.8%
EURLDirexion FTSE Europe 3x ETF3x18.69-6.9%
GUSHDirexion S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. 2x ETF2x109.49-7.8%
ERXDirexion Energy 2x ETF2x52.11-8.0%
DIGProShares Oil & Gas 2x ETF2x33.03-8.2%
NRGUREX US Big Oil 3x ETN3x330.91-10.1%
DPSTDirexion Regional Banks 3x ETF3x7.87-11.1%
BNKUREX US Big Banks 3x ETN3x15.00-15.3%
SPYBENCHMARK: SPDR S&P 500 ETF1x393.74-0.2%