20 Best ETFs 1 Week

Which ETFs outperformed over the past week (5 trading days)?

The following list answers that question.

A quick review of which type of funds are included the following list can help explain how a significant news event is impacting the market.

The following list is limited to non-leveraged ETFs.

For a list of leveraged ETFs, simply scroll down to the second top 20 list on this page.

All tables are updated every trading day after the close. 

Best ETFs: Timeframes

Best ETFs 1 Week

SymbolETF NameOrientation
5d Chg
GRNiPath Carbon ETN1x38.4813.2%
BALiPath Cotton ETN1x77.9112.7%
UNGUnited States Natural Gas ETF1x31.8812.3%
GAZiPath Natural Gas ETN1x47.9012.2%
UNLUnited States 12 Month Natural Gas ETF1x26.9811.7%
DSPCDe-SPAC ETF1x8.766.5%
MJUSMG US Harvest ETF1x2.835.9%
KRBNKS Global Carbon ETF1x51.605.8%
CHIRGlobal X MSCI China Real Est ETF1x7.515.6%
KMLMKFA Mount Lucas ETF1x35.005.4%
KBWPInvesco KBW Property & Casualty Insurance ETF1x81.305.1%
IEOiShares US Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF1x88.115.1%
PEZInvesco DWA Consumer Cyclicals Momentum ETF1x71.124.9%
PAKGlobal X MSCI Pakistan ETF1x17.804.9%
XRTSPDR S&P Retail ETF1x72.234.8%
THCXInnovation Cannabis ETF1x4.234.7%
PXEInvesco Energy Exploration & Production ETF1x29.384.6%
SYLDCambria Shareholder Yield ETF1x62.954.5%
PXIInvesco DWA Energy Momentum ETF1x42.894.5%
PSCMInvesco S&P Sm-Cap Materials ETF1x67.074.2%
SPYBENCHMARK: SPDR S&P 500 ETF1x426.651.6%

Best ETFs 1 Week (Leveraged)

For comparison, the following tables lists the best performing leveraged ETFs over the past week (5 trading days).

The following list includes all factors of leverage (e.g. 1.5x, 2x, 3x) as well as leveraged inverse ETFs (e.g. -2x and -3x).

SymbolETF NameOrientation
5d Chg
BOILProShares Natural Gas 2x ETF2x105.5123.9%
GDXDREX Gold Miners -3x ETN-3x19.7315.9%
RETLDirexion Retail 3x ETF3x13.4914.4%
JDSTDirexion Jr Gold Miners -2x ETF-2x13.0713.5%
NRGUREX US Big Oil 3x ETN3x410.2612.6%
LABDDirexion S&P Biotech -3x ETF-3x18.6311.8%
DUSTDirexion Gold Miners -2x ETF-2x22.8410.0%
BNKUREX US Big Banks 3x ETN3x33.779.8%
DPSTDirexion Regional Banks 3x ETF3x37.359.6%
FASDirexion Financial 3x ETF3x89.608.7%
GUSHDirexion S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. 2x ETF2x161.858.3%
ZSLProShares Silver -2x ETF-2x32.307.9%
UTSLDirexion Utilities 3x ETF3x47.897.7%
WANTDirexion Consumer Discretionary 3x ETF3x42.477.4%
MEXXDirexion MSCI Mexico 3x ETF3x78.976.3%
UDOWProShares Dow 30 3x ETF3x65.026.3%
TTTProShares 20+ Yr Treasury -3x ETF-3x55.876.2%
TMVDirexion 20+ Yr Treasury -3x ETF-3x98.476.2%
DFENDirexion Aerospace & Defense 3x ETF3x19.506.0%
DUSLDirexion Industrials 3x ETF3x36.095.9%
SPYBENCHMARK: SPDR S&P 500 ETF1x426.651.6%