Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay for ETFvest?
ETFvest is free.

Can I share one of your ETFvest charts or tables with a friend, client or on my website?
Sure and thank you for sharing! As long as the charts and tables are unedited and full credit is given with a live dofollow link to ETFvest at (i.e. ETFvest), you can use or embed the charts and images located/generated on All charts and images must be used “As Is”. No modification should be made to the charts or images.

Where do I send a suggestion for an insightful ETF chart or ETF screen?
Email us at Suggest a Chart.

Do you have a strict privacy policy?
Yes! We take the privacy of all of our subscribers very seriously. For all the details, feel free to review our Privacy Policy.

Do you have any terms of use?
Yes – Terms of Use.

How do I get my question added to this list?
If you have a question that you believe should be added to this FAQ, email us.